Remember 1986?  Maybe you had big hair, played a lot of Nintendo, were enthralled with the movie Top Gun and opened your newspaper every day to read the news and check out the ads.  That was the year GGA Global was born.  

In 1986, advertising was not digital. And although there was cable TV, there were not hundreds of channels, there was no HD and no one even heard of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  There was no You Tube and Tik Tok was the sound your clock made.   We like to think that over the years, GGA Global has been shaped and molded into the agency that our clients need — just like you can shape and mold duct tape into just about anything.  And like duct tape, our clients stick with us and that’s why we’ve stuck around! 

GGA Global was founded 35 years ago. It was a different time for advertising and business.  But one important aspect has stayed exactly the same.  Our clients need ideas that stick so that they stick around, too!

While the way people receive messages has changed, GGA Global has clung to the core of our mission for clients: ideas that stick. GGA was founded and still is a full-service ad agency. We are fully conversant in the digital world of advertising, and we also use non-digital forms, too if we think it is the way our clients’ messages will stick in the minds of your customer.  Since 1986, we listen carefully and use research and creativity to best position our clients for success because no two clients are exactly the same.

We create an advertising plan with purpose, related to a targeted audience, that offers measurable results! Crafting a story, in a special way to be memorable and sticky is what we do. The way we create, motivate and dominate are different than 35 years ago because the way people receive messages is different today, and will likely be different 5 years from now. 

Just like duct tape, we will mold into what our clients will need because ideas that stick are the goal!

Our loyal team coupled with technology has helped us stick around and has made us one of the longest-serving advertising agencies in the Lehigh Valley, and Northeastern PA.

Won’t you join us and help your business–whether it is business to customer or business to business – get on a roll?

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