Spring into SEO

You may know the term as Search Engine Optimization, and right now, at GGA Global it means Spring Equals Opportunity! Especially this spring, more than in the past, many of our clients are looking for opportunities to go ahead and grow.  How is your company positioned for seizing demand, consumer, and business habits in post-pandemic times? Sure, there are […]

Covid-19 Disrupter

Same old, same old? What are your clients not doing today that we’re doing in February? Covid-19 has been a disrupter. No one planned for such a life-changing event. To recapture market share it’s not just a plan but how quickly you implement your plan. Your new direction should focus on how you can meet […]

How to “Go Ahead” in 2020 and Beyond!

As another decade appears, we want you to consider the opportunities and the advantages that are coming. Are you ready for emerging markets, enhancing and perfecting your current business, or trying to get noticed in a different location?  At GGA Global, our full-service ad agency has been providing the tools, talent, and synergy that has […]

What Propels Your Brand? Your Product, Service, Sale?

For over 34 years we have been listening, developing and executing ways that fit you. We highlight what your brand is. Think about that for a moment. Could it be the timing, the unique selling proposition you have? If you’re trying to sell more products or services, you might need to reflect on where you […]

Are you feeling stressed?

How is the year going so far? Are you achieving your goals? Have you thought about your marketing and advertising goals lately? If you feel like many in today’s business world, you may be feeling a little stressed out. We can help take the stress out by creating a plan that has realistic goals to […]

Goals: 2019

GGA Global-Lehigh Valley Ad Agency

One definition of the word record is defined as: at a higher level than ever achieved before. What is your plan for breaking a record in 2019? To do better, or keep growing your brand, sales, image? At GGA Global, our full service ad agency has been helping retail and B to B clients to […]